Help a pet!

There are many different options on how you can help a pet. There are different funds to help a pet in need like this one here at our clinic.


The Morgan County Humane Society

If you don’t have any spare cash but still want to help you can donate items to Decatur Community Foundation.

walk dog Flyer



You can always donate your time at your local shelter. The dogs love to be walked and the cats love attention!



Time to renew your tags?
Help out a pet !

Request your spay/neuter specialty plate today from your local DMV/Probate Office! The cost of the plate is $50.00 (plus your regular feeslike other specialized tags, with the proceeds going to the Alabama Veterinary Medical Foundation (ALVMF) to assist Medicaid families with the cost of spaying and neutering their pets.$41.25 of each sale goes to the Foundation. Tags are available at all local county license plate issuing officesTags for Morgan County are only available at the Decatur Court House. Help reduce the number of unwanted pets by participating in the ALVMF spay/neuter license plate program.


We at Family Pet Health Care have participated in this program for several years. Just this year we have helped over 25 families through this program. There are times when funds are not available and pets may have to wait weeks for funding to get spay or neuter surgeries. In some cases that is all the time it takes for these families to end up with unwanted puppies or kittens. This program is to help families that want to enjoy life with a pet but can’t afford to spay or neuter them and certainly can’t afford more little mouths to feed. It also helps to lower the amount of unwanted puppies and kittens that end up in the shelters.

Please consider purchasing one of these tags when it is time to renew and also forward this message to all your friends to give them the opportunity to help a pet!